pikachu-rockstar asked:

I don't really like John Green because I think he's an overexposed bad writer who's stupid teen romances get worshipped, but can you please explain how he is a misogynist? I'm just trying to be informed

got-a-gun answered:

i’ll try my best.  i’m not very compelling with words but here goes

  • he refers to “nerdy women” as a “underutilized romantic resource” instead of what they are - which is people and human beings.  this is him trying to be charming and get in good with his female fans but really it just makes him sound like an asshole.  it makes women sound like objects, only there for men to see as an object of romance.  an objectification.  makes me think of food commercials "also a great source of protein!" yknow?
  • he has publicly used misogynistic slurs.  his famous “what a slut time is.  she screws everybody.”  this quote shows up in everyone’s fave book the fault in our stars, which is the book that he claimed to be completely feminist because a girl kisses a boy or some shit. this is harmful because slurs such as this have been used to humiliate and discriminate against women and feminine looking people.  it perpetuates the idea that when a woman likes sex and has a lot of it, she is dirty and less than and does not deserve respect.  remarks such as this also fuels rape culture and the self entitlement men feel towards women’s bodies because “she’s just a slut” or something along those lines.
  • he’s used and defended laci green’s use of the slur “tr***y”.  i don’t respect anyone who uses this word, neither should anyone else.
  • when trying to date the woman he would later marry, he made her think it was a group outing and then quickly uninvited all of the other members of the party so he could get the one girl alone.  this makes my stomach hurt every time i think about it and i don’t need to explain why this is so disgusting and horrifying.
  • he has body shamed anorexic people and people of slighter build and have decided to have plastic surgery.  ”and then there’s the weird culturally constructed definition of hot which means that an individual is malnourished and has probably had plastic bags inserted into her breasts.”  again, doesn’t need much explaining.
  • abundance of katherines quote she was incredibly hot, in that popular-girl-with-bleached-teeth-and-anorexia kind of way, which was Colin’s least favorite way of being hot”

he’s also an islamophobe and has defended islamophobic speech.  which he seems to think the fact that he did a video on muslim history, it excuses him from criticism on it.  

excused his making fun of Cinco de Mayo (“Hanko de Mayo”) by blaming his latino fans

he’s addressed the callouts of the blog “yourfaveisproblematic” here and here. and there he acknowledges how he’s messed up in some things, such as his method of asking his wife out and agreeing that you shouldn’t “worship” romantic interests, but he mostly just spews piss all over the post because half of it is him whining about being called out for things he’s done and saying “this is why you can’t be mean to me”.

#5 of the second link is soooo mindless, he was really fishing for an excuse there.  saying we can’t blame him for what his characters say.  YES WE CAN!  HIS CHARACTERS ARE NOT REAL.  HE CREATED THEM.  HE CAN FILTER THEM.  none of that phony characters having a mind of their own shit.

there’s so much more to be said but i’m so worked up i’m fucking shaking right now.